Bidjanga 01 / 20 / 2022 update


ISEC Cameroon Program is preparing ISEC Conferences and Training sessions for students of secondary schools in Yaounde ; the first step is to send applications to Heads of the said schools ; next step will be to schedule the conferences , along with training sessions,including demos .
We believe that ,another way of promoting the ISEC technology in Africa is to train prospects..

This new project is to help Cameroon students understanding the importance of Renewable energy in general, and the opportunities offered by the ISEC Technoogy to job seekers, households, restaurants, hotels, hospitals ,school dormitories and prison yards.

In the future, we plan to set up a whole ISEC Academy for Cameroon and sub region and that will provide ISEC educational and practical sessions to users.

For a start , we target about 10 secondary schools in Yaounde for our ISEC Confernces and Training sessions.

Best Regards

Bidjanga Biloa
**ISEC Cameroon Program Coordinator **
Tel +237 670708729 Yaounde Cameroon

This is great. I like the idea of supporting local education and experiences for young people. Hurray!

Yes Pete.
We plan ,after these conferences and training sessions with secondary schools,to set up a whole ISEC Training Academy .