Bidjanga, 04/14/2022 update

Completed our 7th ISEC Training
This April 9,2022, We’ve completed our 7th ISEC Training session with Ernest who was testing the ISEC kit he has designed during his training with us…

Ernest was assisted by his mate Emilia, to cook a local recipe made of the below materials :

-a tropical vegetable named « Gnetum Africana »
-ground nuts ( or peanuts )
-palm nuts
Ernest has designed the burner of his ISEC Kit with the Kanthal D nichrome wire purchased by us in Germany, with the help of Mr Raphael, our Associate Researcher in the ISEC Cameroon Program.

The cooking session was succesfull,although the day was not too sunny.

We target more students to join our ISEC Training Program , although secondary school students are now at their homes till April 25,2022, following the Easter holidays gven by the Cameroon Ministry of Secondary education.

Our first ISEC conference will soon take place in our university , before the end of April 2022.

We continue to search for an affordable office and training room to rent in Yaounde , in order to install our ISEC Technology academy.

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Bidjanga Biloa

ISEC Cameroon Program Coordinator

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