BIDJANGA ,March 31,2022 UPDATE

Our 5th ISEC Training,Outdoors session / Our ISEC Conference update
This March 26,2022, we’ve completed our 5th ISEC training session based on the design of our model of ISEC Burner.
The training session was full of fun as the girls used tools to mix sand , cement and water to build our model of ISEC burner.
They also learnt how to connect the heating element, the DC cables and the thermal protector on the burner , before adding a mixture of cement, water and water on it.
Next saturday, our ISEC students will assemble a whole ISEC kits , before testing them with solar panels.
About our next ISEC Conference to take place in our university, a preparatory meeting was organized by the students association last thursday, in order to invite all our students to attend the said conference.
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ISEC Technology Academy
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