Insulation from India - How much you would need?


I am here to ask you for an estimate of the quantity of insulation needed, so that we can get a quote from supplier and also estimate shipping charges.

Please note : shipping charges keeps on changing and are generally high, and it would be a good idea to ship more quantity - so that it compensates. Prasad has agreed his company can do the shipping to Ghana, however there will be additional charges to transport material to his place.

Okay, so I will give you the dimension of a standard box, as per the quote:
Thickness :25mm,
Length: 7300mm
Breadth: 610mm
Density: 64 Kg/m3

How many ISECs can make use of a depends on your usage, my estimation is it will be sufficient for 6-8 ISECs. You can also make a calculation based on given dimensions.

I request you to give reply to this post, giving number of std. boxes for each one of you - especially Emmanuel, Salma, Bidjanga. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions.