ISEC manufacturing & usage update

Two ISECs with PCM was manufactured during the weekend (to be given to Fred in Kumasi for his market research). One of the ISECs was tested by boiling 500g of. rice with about 300ml of water which took about an hour to cook at 15.5V.

I believe with a better insulation material, most of the heat energy can be efficiently harnessed to cook food faster.

The second ISEC which was manufactured with a chain of diodes would be tested tomorrow and results gathered and shared.


Hello everyone, 2 ISECs have been delivered to Prof Akuffo in Kumasi.

For Insulation, cotton wool was sewn in between two pieces of heavy cloth so as to prevent the cotton from burning.
I hope to get feedback from Prof Akuffo to know his experience with regards to using the ISECs.

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Thanks to share with the diodes design, and as we have seen it in Togo training from November 25_30, 2022 Mr. Pete was show us the diodes heating efficiency and the diodes were glowing in short period of time rather than the other heating elements like Nicelchrome wire , Ceramic resistors etc. but, we have not seen it by connecting with pot to boil water and cook meal. My question is if you try the efficiency of diodes with pot to cook for long period of time, how is the life span of the diodes with in long term use? is there any life span difference among the heating elements in long term use. is there any assessment about the life span of heating elements connecting with pot to cook food in long time use?

Goytom, Ethiopia