Improving cooking time with heating element

My work these days is to reduce the length of cooking time of our ISEC under 2*100W solar panels in parallel with battery incorporated in the cooking system.

I have put in parallel two heating elements. The assembled heating element can draw between 5.8A to 6.8A from the battery instead of 3A with a single 32 cm heating element.

From 4h of cooking beans mixed with rice(it is Ayimolou, a local popular meal) the cooking time drops to 3h.

We think we can still reduce that time if we improve insulation.

Our challenge in coming days is to bring the cooking time of Ayimolou under two hours when using the battery in the solar cooking system.

This meal is the one that takes a lot of time to cure.

If we succeed, we can consider that ISEC with battery can challenge any moderne cooker.
For pictures sent, please contact ISEC team.

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