Commercial viability of the ISEC

ISEC will be successful when it is reliable whatever the whether is and if targeted communities can afford to pay it.

  1. Reliability
    Even with Thermal storage, battery will be needed. The use of battery increases the cost but by which factor if we choose long cycle battery like 5000 cycles or more?
    2.ISEC uptake
    The ISEC will be sold in credit in our communities because people’s can’t afford cash payment.
    From my experience made in solar lanterns sales in credit, repayment are difficult even with contract.
    But «Pay and use» technology will be useful to increase repayment rate.
    How «Pay and use» technology can be incorporated to ISEC?
    3.Is it possible to increase battery efficiency by using sensors like Light depending resistor LDR to allow the battery to work only in cloudy period or night, or when the temperature of thermal storal pot is not hot enough to cure meals( thermal sensors that can close the circuit when the PCM temperature is low and open the circuit when the PCM temperature is high. That means the combination of normally open«NO» and normally close«NC» temperature detectors)
    How much it will cost to get this kind of ISEC that can charge phone ,light home and incorporate digital payment, we can make this ISEC affordable by allowing in five-year terms repayment for example.