Kuyere 12/23/2021 update

The Kuyere activities in Malawi consist of making and distributing ISECs. Over the last couple of months we have built and tested a bit over 50 ISECs, which about 10 of these being pressure cooker ISECS.

We also have a womens cooperative in the Lundu area that sells and promotes the systems. The cooperative cooks a small dish per day and sends us pictures. They seem to prefer the Foshan pressure cooker for cooking which is used in a direct DC connection.

In January, we plan on ordering a container of supplies that will probably be shipped out from China at the beginning of March. The container will contain LTO batteries, solar vehicles, Foshan pressure cookers, solar pumps, and parts for lighting systems.

We are hoping to test out the possibility of being an international logistics partner for some of the other Supergroup partners. The key idea being that if we can do the logistics, then potentially we can get solar panels and parts to the various partners for cheaper (hopefully about half price), and the partners can wait until they receive the supplies in-country before they have to pay for them.

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For solar panels, we are getting them for example 200W at 95 dollars in Togo wholesale local market.
At 60 dollars from China after clearing the price will be nearly 95 dollars.
I will check for duty free for solar components.
The most important things for me will be battery. We don’t have quality battery in our market…Lithium-ion NMC 12V 100ah, 12V 200ah, 24V 200 Ah.
Solar pumps, etc…