Christmas kitchen with isec campaign at isec cameroon

in ISEC CAMEROON PROGRAM, we are preparing to launch a " CHRISTMAS KITCHEN WITH ISEC CAMPAIGN" in our ISEC Workshop from december 23,2021 to December 28,2021 , for local women ; this will enable us to promote our ISEC solutions for clean and sustainable cooking.
We have distributed invitations to many women and have made ready a total of 21 ISECs kits, ready for deployment and cooking.

The campaign will be launched on December 23,2021 at 10 AM local time.
the CHRISTMAS KITCHEN WITH ISEC CAMPAIGN comprises the **teaching of ISEC cooking techniques **, the cooking of various local recipes with ISEC, including :
1) cassava leaves ( without salt and with palm nuts )
**2) chicken ( Poulet DG ) with plantain **
3) Boiled beans
4) Rice ( riz sauté )
5) boiled yams
6) boiled bananas
7) boiled water ( for tea or coffee )
We shall offer each ISEC kit ( one ISEC cooker+ one solar panel of 100 watts ) to prospective buyers at a christmas discounted price of 75 USD,knowing ,one single 100 watts solar panel costs us 60 USD .

Best Regards

Bidjanga Biloa
ISEC Cameroon Program Coordinator
Tel +237 670708729 Yaounde Cameroon


Nice Idea, Bidjanga. I will take my inspiration from you.
You are a good marketer.

Ok Dear Salma,
Many Thanks for your support !

Hi Bidjanga:

In Malawi when we do direct imports we can get a 200 watt solar panel for about $60. This helps our ISEC work very much.

I am interested in exploring during 2022 if we can experiment to see if we can do something similar with you.

To do that I need a couple of questions answered first: One key question is if Cameroon allows solar panels to be imported duty free … if so, then this will be a big factor in keeping the cost low. Another question is that if we can get the solar panels to the port in Cameroon (where we front the initial cost), will you be able to cover the import fees and customs clearance when it arrives?

If that is possible, then we can probably make arrangements where you pay us back for the low-cost solar panels one to a few months after you receive them.

And this can potentially help you provide more powerful ISECs to your customers at substantially lower cost.

-Robert VB

Hi Robert
Cameroon does not allow import of solar panels on duty free basis.

What is the import fee on solar panels?


Hi Pete,
It is certainly less than the usual 60 USD traders charge per 100 watts panel.
To import goods in large quantities,you need a license from the government.import taxes are paid on solar panels in Cameroon.

Ok Salma,
Thanks !