Length of section calculation

Hello ISEC team,

Does this calculation look correct?

R element-35ohmns

Length element- 132cm

Lsection = (132cm *4/35)

Lsection= 15cm approximately

The length of the heater element seems to be very small compared to the ones in the construction manual.

The nest pot diameter is 22cm and the heater element seems to be very small.

Dear Mayanja,
I think this calculation is for a 100W solar panel.

how the R element becomes 35ohms in your calculations?
R=17.2V/5.68A = 3.02 ohm
Am I correct?

Hello Goytom,
Your calculation is correct, it was an error, the correct resistance is actually 3.02Ohms thanks

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Dear Mayanja,

Thank you for the recorrection.


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