Proposed Kuyere offer for lower-cost solar panels

Currently, I am working out the details of the offer for sourcing lower-cost solar panels for ISEC partners/makers/distributors.

I propose three test shipments of 200W/18V solar panels to three ports:
(1) Lome, Togo
(2) Douala, Cameroon and
(3) Kampala, Uganda

I propose a first test shipment of 100 pcs for each location.

The recipient parter is responsible for all of the costs of receiving and clearing the shipment when it arrives to the port.

Within 3-6 months of receiving the shipment, the recipient, needs to pay the sender (i.e. Kuyere or its designated agent), $0.25/W for the solar panels received (which would be $5000 for 100pcs of 200W solar panels).

The idea is that if ISEC makers/suppliers can get solar panels for $0.25/W, then this will enable them to provide more powerful ISECs at affordable prices for their customers. And at larger scale, it should be possible to sustainably supply 200W solar panels to each of these ports at a price of about $0.25/W. .