Dissemination of 20 ISECs

The dissemination of 20 regulated ISEC of 200W will start next week. 10 ISECs of 4.5 L and 10 ISECs of 7.5 L.

This operation is made easy with the reception of solar panels sent by Robert V.B.

To facilitate uptake, I decided that only the price of 200W solar panel will be paid by costomer in wholesale price of 100USD.
The reason why I’m doing so is to insentivise people’s to use ISEC with condition to cook at least once a week and make a report to me every month.
If this test period is successful, then we start selling the ISEC to prospective customers.


Hi Salma,

This is great news. Thanks for the hard work.

You said you’re market testing the ISECs at a price point of $100 (for the 200w PV module only).

Are you going to give customers the main solar cooker free but only allow them to pay for the solar panels??!

Yes, Rismah. I will trade off the cooking pot to allow people’s to use it. This will help to raise awareness on the ISEC.

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