BIDJANGA , 05/12/2022 UPDATE : A Solar Battery Design Workshop, under development at ISEC CAMEROON

Our Next Challenge : Starting a solar battery design workshop in Cameroon !

During a recent SG Meeting, Pete has suggested we should think of designing solar panels and solar batteries in Africa, instead of just importing them from abroad.

Because we believe we can design solar batteries in Cameroon and help spreading the ISEC technology in our country, we at the ISEC CAMEROON PROGRAM have decided to order supplies from China in order to launch the design of solar batteries of 50AH to 400 AH capacity with tension ranging from 12V to 48v , for a start.these designed lithium batteries will serve to the community for light and cooking with our ISEC cookers during rainy days .

We believe, this new project, added to our ISEC Educational Program, will help moving forward with the ISEC technology dissemination in Cameroon.

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Bidjanga Biloa



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Robert Van Buskirk has designed, and is assembling the “forever battery” that lasts 10 years, from Lithium Titanate cells he imports. They have “smart interface” that protects the battery from over charging and over discharging. I will talk about this today at the SuperGroup meeting.


Ok Pete,
I’m around ,after the usual traffic jam.

Dear Bidjanga and Pete:

In my work, I have to stay specialized in order to make progress in a focused way. We will be focusing on Lithium Titanate batteries of 12V to 24V with capacities of 10Ah to 30Ah.

For larger capacity batteries it is good to go to Lithium Iron Phosphate battery suppliers, but I won’t be involved in such activities.


Robert VB

Ok Robert,
We agree to collaborate with you for your 10ah to 30ah titanate battery capabilities.

Great. Starting around September/October we should probably try to begin some activities.

The first step would be sending you some Lithium Titanate battery cells. I will explore costs and shipping channels and evaluate our budgets to try to determine when resources are available to do an initial test shipment.


Ok Robert :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks !