Bidjanga 10 / 14 / 2021 update

Last week, we had a 3 days discontinued sunlight in Yaounde ; as we are now in the rainy season, we expect better sunlight around november 30,2021 as the dry season ( sunlight everyday ) will take over. While waiting for the good season for our ISEC business, we are :
a) designing new ISECS ( although we are delayed by chinese suppliers to deliver us ordered goods by DHL )
b) placing ISEC adverts over the Internet and local medias ;
c) recruiting marketing representatives in Cameroon and abroad ( we’ve just got a country representative from the Democratic Republic of Congo ; his name is Mr Maurice Bahongoli and he lives in Lumumbashi city ; he is an agricultural engineer .RD. Congo is the biggest african french speaking country.
In Cameroon , we already have two regional representatives ( one from the South, another from the far north of Cameroon ).

this weekend, we’ve cooked maize along with plums ( a tropical fruit -see pictures below ) ; all the food was boiled although the sky was cloudy.
And this cooking time helpded us to experience something good :
a) we’ve connected 4 panels of 100w /12v in series and parallel to obtain a 200 watts power in 36-40 volts ; after connecting our 400w ISEC on the panels, nothing was getting hot.
b) we’ve changed all, by connecting the 4 panels in parallel only , to obtain a gross amount of 400 watts current in 12 volts ; connected all to our 3.2 ohms ISEC ; the burner got hot and we boiled our maize and plums.
Great !

Best Regards

ISEC Cameroon Team Coordinator