Cooking “alloco” with isec - afrik’energy connect – 8/3/2022 update

On July 30th 2022, Fatou from Afrik’Energy Connect has cooked “alloco”, which is the Ivorian name for fried plantain bananas. It is made from peeling the plantains and cutting them into fairly thin slices.

The ISEC was connected with two solar panels of 100 W with a Vmp of 18.3 V. The panels were hooked in series with each other.

Alloco is hugely popular in many countries in West and Central Africa . Benin and Nigeria both have a fried plantain dish called dodo, Ghana has “kelewele”, Togo has “amadan”, and Congo has “makemba”.

Afrik’Energy Connect is collaborating with Nasam Brand Enterprise, which is a Cookstove manufacturing company based in Ghana and SolCook to design an offgrid solar electric cooker, inspired from the ISEC, that will suit and meet the standards of the West African market.

Next step is outreach, education and raising awareness of the ISEC in local communities of both Ghana and Liberia.

Fatou Diarrassouba

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Afrik’Energy Connect

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Thanks for the amazing work, Fatou!

I wish you success @LEF.

This dish is also called ‘kelewele’ in Liberia. And for me, its normally a side-attraction or snack to the primary dish :slight_smile:

We are hoping that the partnership with SolCook Ghana & Nasam Brand Enterprise can be formally finalized so that the real work can begin benefitting from ‘economies of scale’

FYI We were given the greenlight from Orange Digital Center’s Senior Manager - Mr. Zaza Mulbah to use their FabLab if we wish to continue our R&D/prototyping in Liberia of the ISEC and a chance to showcase and work with their partners (i.e. UN Women, etc.)

This is great! I’m glad to hear about the collaborations happening in Ghana. Additionally, you might consider Fred Ekuful’s solar business. I am presently reaching out to SPS solar factory… the only solar factory in Ghana: Who we are — SPS, and we may be working with SNV in Accra.

I will keep you informed.

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Excellent :ok_hand:t5:

Let’s do this!