Messy ISEC boiled over

Right now, I have a direct connect with a stainless steel pot at home. I put some chicken legs in with some Ghanaian stew for the day… with some potatoes on top. It was totally full, and it boiled over! Now I have a mess with the insulation all covered in tomato sauce. Even the stainless steel top was stuck to the insulated top. This wouldn’t have happened if we had a sealed pot with a vent. But those are hard to make. It’s not clear if or how I should clean this. Bummer.


Thats interesting, what panel wattage did you use to do the cooking?

I have two (100 W) panels in parallel to a 3 Ohm resistor, so I still only get 100 W power, but it stays at 100 W for most of the day even at high sun angles because there are two panels.