Energy stations from afrik’energy connect – 07/28/2022 update

Afrik’Energy Connect, a clean energy startup based in Liberia run by Rismah and Fatou, specializes in rural electrification, solar home systems, mini/micro-grids development, operations & smart-grid management, as well as the sourcing of Productive Uses of Renewable Energy (PURE) equipment.

Last year, we conducted energy needs assessment and provided awareness campaigns to Panta Farming Cooperative (Bong County) and others in Cinta (Margibi County) on the benefits of using PULSE equipments.

Over the past week (July 18,2022), we received our first batch of OffgridSun’s Energy Stations in Monrovia (after a 4-months delay due to the global supply chain crisis. We believe these solutions could help address the issue of very low grid electrification rate in Liberia (about 3% connected to the grid with < 0.5% rural population in Liberia being connected).

The energy station is high quality, durable solution for lighting and charging in all the places without access to the electricity grid. Each of 3 bulbs can brightly Illuminate a 9 m2 room. Solar torch and radio are included in the premium version.


Detailed Description: 1 x 10 W polycrystalline PV module; Box with charge controller and new rechargeable battery LiFePO4, 6000 mAh 6.4 V with high thermal resistance and long service life (4000 charging cycles). Keyboard and PAYGO software embed; 2 x Led bulbs 2 W, 1 Led bulb 1 W (tot. light output 500 lm), with 3-6-8 m cables with switch buttons; 2 x USB ports for phone charging; 1 x Kit of phone charge adapters; 1 x 0.5 W LED solar torch with 0.2 W reading light (Luminous flux: 40 lm), 0.2 W/5 V solar panel, 3.2 V/250 mAh LiFePO4 battery; 1 x AM/FM/SW portable radio & mp3 reader chargeable via USB 3 W Speaker, 1200 mAh/3.7 V Li-ion battery

mobile solar

More than just a solar torch. Mobile solar is a handy, multi-purpose: for off-grid households and refugee camps: a safe home lantern; outdoors: a battery-free, rechargeable solar torch; for grid-connected households: a backup light, for any power outages; for drivers: a portable light to keep in the boot, for any emergencies; for all: a zero-cost phone charger. Embed FM Radio and reading light

Detailed Description: 1 x 3 W polycrystalline PV module; Rechargeable battery LiFePO4 1500 mAh/3.2 V, with high thermal resistance and long service life; 1 x Led light 1 W; 1 x Led reading light 0.2 W; 1 x USB port for phone charging; 1 x Kit of phone charge adapters; 1 x FM radio

We are currently completing an orientation from our manufacturer on the KPAY platform (KPay’s technology platform allows a user to buy any powered device as per his/her affordability and usability. It has the power to disrupt the ways devices are bought and sold. It is leading us into an era of “energy as a service”.)

We will be selling the energy stations using the KPay platform. This platform allows us to sell any powered device to our customers and allow them the flexibility to own and pay for it as per their convenience. With multiple payment gateways integrated into the platform, our customers can choose the most suitable option as per their convenience and income pattern.

Next step is to conduct a training session with our local sales agents and intensify advertising/marketing.

Fatou Diarrassouba

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Afrik’Energy Connect